DevOps, available everywhere

Manage your servers at any time, anywhere.


Edit all your files with a powerful file editor


Connect to your servers with SSH instantly


Manage your files with an easy to use SFTP client

Powerful, yet easy to use

One click

Access your servers with only one click

Custom statuses

Display custom statuses for your servers

Custom graphs

Display custom graphs based on data fetched in real-time

Custom command buttons

Add custom commands to execute with the click of a button


Connect with RSA

Connect directly

Connect directly without storing any information on our servers

Wow. Such secure. Much encryption

All your data is encrypted with your personal encryption token

When you sign in, a token will be decrypted with your password. That token will be used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data such as server ip, user, password and RSA key.

What that essentially means is that we have no way to see your sensitive information, as it is decrypted only when you need it.

Also, if you don't trust us, you can enter your password every time you connect, so that it's not saved on our servers 😺

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